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Summer Camp!


Why We're Great >


Also known as purposeful play, will provide opportunities for small group lessons to explore the skills in our curriculum.

Curriculum & Developmental Enviroment

Why We're Great >


 Each class has well defined centers which include:

  • Block Center – carpeted area fully equipped with developmentally appropriate Legos, gears, blocks, vehicles and animal figures.

  • Dramatic Play Center – The dress up area will give children an opportunity to explore with a variety of dress up clothes and kitchen sets. This will encourage children to use their imagination and even gain vocabulary skills and confidence.

  • Library Center – A small library area with theme based books and a writing center will help build their literacy and promote reading and writing.

  • Art Center – Children will have ample opportunities in the art area to paint with different brushes and textures, draw and be creative.

  • Science Center – equipped with science tools such as magnifying glasses, science books, plants, rocks, seashells, sensory bins, theme-based projects, and many other tools.

Why We're Great >


Creative Expression is encouraged daily and children are given ample time for this throughout the day.

Children will also have the opportunity to publish their own books! Each one will have a chance to read the book to their friends and family.

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