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Preschoolers are naturally inquisitive and curious!

Why We're Great >

Science activities and experiments give children the perfect tools to explore the world around them!

Why We're Great >

From nature walks to classroom experiments, to STEM activities, our teachers find creative ways to keep the children engaged and teach them to think scientifically. Science is integrated into all of our lesson plans. 

Why We're Great >

Each classroom includes a Science Center that contains a variety of science tools, materials, and collections for children to explore.  Depending on the season or lesson plan theme, the Science Center can consist of materials for the following:

  • Earth and Space

  • Energy, Light and Sound

  • Health and Safety

  • Human Body

  • Magnets

  • Nature

  • Nutrition

  • Trees and Plants

  • Weather and Climate

  • Sensory Bins

  • Sand and Water Tables

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