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One of our many goals for early childhood literacy is to instill a love of books and reading in all students.

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A very important aspect of literacy is for children to be given access to books. Our age-appropriate books will contain various topics. Children gain an early understanding of the correspondence between the pictures in books and the written words. This gives teachers opportunities to do picture walks and enhance their literacy skills. Each classroom contains a Library and Writing Center that children can use independently. The Writing Center is stocked with pens, pencils, markers, and paper. The Library is stocked with various books including those by favorite authors, child-friendly non-fiction books, books that children have shown interest in and those that have been read aloud to the class. Books that have been read aloud to children are the most appealing and also allows for independent practice of reading. This also teaches children that books are special and contain interesting pictures and stories.

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An essential part of early literacy, and the actual jump-start to reading, is teaching children their names and their sounds. This is how they begin to understand the concept of words. Each day children will sign in by using an interactive board to begin recognizing the letters in their name. Preschoolers will begin writing their names to practice on their letter formation. During morning meeting, preschoolers will practice letter sounds, rhyming, alliteration, and syllabication. Each week they will have a letter and sight word of the week. Each classroom will have a word wall where sight words will be added weekly.

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Creative Expression is encouraged daily and children are given ample time for this throughout the day.

Children will also have the opportunity to publish their own books! Each one will have a chance to read the book to their friends and family.

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