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Our Preschool Program is designed to help children acquire the social and learning skills they will need for school


Our goal is to make sure their transition into school is successful!

Our Creative Curriculum, coupled with theme-based approach encourages children to develop creativity and critical thinking skills.  

We develop our lesson plans to help your child grow and enhance their confidence and gain the skills and abilities that will contribute to their school readiness.   Each theme offers a variety of activities and skills with emphasis on hands on science, math and early literacy. Our Preschool Program will ensure they develop the following range of skills for a successful transition into Kindergarten:


Social Skills & Independence – An integral part of early childhood development is imaginative and cooperative play. They will develop a sense of self, build their imagination and problem solving skills.

Language Skills – At this age, preschoolers are talking more! We will help them develop into readers and writers by practicing letters and their sounds and reading lots of books together.


Math Skills – Numbers, counting and other pre-math skills.


Fine Motor Skills – Their pincer grip and finger strength will be developed through writing, arts and crafts and sensory play.

Gross Motor Skills – Our program provides physical activity twice a day where active play will be enjoyed. Our program also offers outdoor activities and enrichment programs like dancing, yoga and sports.  We have 3 areas for free play: Large gym, Active Zone (for tumbling), and secure outside playground.

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