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Our Early Preschool Program is designed to encourage and prepare your child for preschool.


We understand that our Early Preschoolers are on-the-go, active and curious! Our Early Preschool Program ensures the learning happens in a safe and nurturing environment where they can play and explore the world around them. 

The Early Preschool lesson plans are based on the Creative Curriculum and include many projects and play-based lessons that promote their social and academic development.  Our young learners will also learn their letters, sounds, numbers and practice fine and gross motor skills. They will begin to develop  social, problem-solving and self-help skills.  

Our classroom is designed to make sure our little ones have plenty of space to move around and explore. The Learning Centers are designed so the child can actively engage and indulge in creative play and discovery. 

Our Learning Centers for Purposeful Play & Discovery:

DRAMATIC PLAY CENTER – Creative and imaginative play is an integral part of the developmental learning process. It allows children to develop social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills. Our dramatic play has a variety of  props to encourage creative expression and imagination like  dress-up clothes, pretend play kitchen sets, puppets  and more.

SCIENCE CENTER – Science play provides abundant opportunities for children to learn science concepts and deepen their understanding of the world around them. Our Science area includes a variety of science tools, materials, and collections for children to explore. Toddlers also have fun with hands-on science experiments!

LIBRARY & WRITING CENTER – Toddlers learn about reading through adults. Their  library contains child favorites and books read aloud by teachers. Through this practice, they learn that books are special and contain interesting pictures and stories.

MATH & BLOCK CENTER – Manipulative sets and block play are fundamental for learning math and numbers. Our math/block centers contains blocks, Legos, puzzles, gears and other manupulatives which will help them learn about sizing, shapes, matching and sorting.

MUSIC CENTER – Playing instruments and experimenting with sound can help children develop their gross and fine motor skills and improve their listening skills.  Our music areas feature a variety of instruments like tambourines, maracas, keyboards and more!

MOVEMENT CENTERS – Physical activity and gross motor activity are important in promoting healthy growth and development.  We have 3 areas for free play:  Active Zone – padded room for tumbling;  large gym with toys and basketball hoops; and secure outside playground.

Arts & Crafts

ART CENTER – Children’s creativity progresses with exposure to the arts. Our art area contains an easel board and/or table where children can paint and draw. It is  stocked with easel paper, construction paper, as well as paint brushes, crayons, markers – all which aid in fine motor skills.

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